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Who you gonna call? A qualified answer

Who you gonna call? … Ghost-busters is who you’re gonna call if you’ve got ghosts to bust. For other problems, who are you gonna call? If you don’t have a … Continue reading

3 May 2019 · Leave a comment

Black Mirror: There are no short cuts to equalism

The questions Don’t we all have in us a wish to make life simple by eliminating differences between people? Isn’t that what equalism is about – making everyone the same? … Continue reading

7 January 2018 · 1 Comment

Quality thinking about the benefits of income-equality

Equalism is a simple idea. But it is too big for us on this blog!  Equalism is the silent principle that pumps the heart of all those concerned about inequalities. … Continue reading

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Encyclopaedia Britannica (1945): Eat your heart out YouTube and Wiki

On this equalism blog, we tend to duck out of the big politics of equalism and inequality. It’s just too tricky for us. Plus we don’t fancy getting caught up in social media … Continue reading

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The Social GRACES

This blog is organised with the help of the Social GRACES. This approach comes from the field of systemic family therapy. The word links to a way to remember the many areas … Continue reading

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More on equalism in general

Equalists support progress toward equality of opportunity in all the many areas of social inequality. These form the categories on this weblog. In their positive form, they come from the … Continue reading

28 June 2013 · 1 Comment