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Quality thinking about the benefits of income-equality

Equalism is a simple idea. But it is too big for us on this blog!  Equalism is the silent principle that pumps the heart of all those concerned about inequalities. There are vast armies of professionals and public who produce vast bodies of research and campaigning on inequalities. It is somewhat harder to find and define the equalism that drives all that.

Here, we have to find expert quality thinkers to help us out. Accessible quality thinking is hard work too. It’s a lot easier to pick a side and righteously attack the other  side. Rich versus poor is one of the longest running fights there is.

The Case for Greater Income-Equality

Kate Pickett

So this post is to link you to an accessible interview on the case for a greater degree of income equality. In fact, two lots of quality thinkers got together (in 2016). They were: Kate Picket, c0-author with Richard Wilkinson of The Spirit LevelWhy More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better; and David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton, the freelance philosophers who created and produce Philosophy Bites (and other “Bites” too).

Quality research, quality thinking, and quality discussion and argument are all essential outcomes of the principles of free speech. They are also essential to underpin equalism.

Here’s the interview in the original audio form. And here is a transcript of the interview.

By carefully comparing existing data on developed countries, we can see that for many (but not all) of the important measures of good social, mental and physical well-being, a more equal-income country – e.g. Scandinavian countries, Japan – is better for its people than a more unequal-income country . And the interesting thing is that it is better for the richer classes not just the poorer ones.

Nick Child, Edinburgh

PS. Please use the Contact us option to let us know of other quality thinking on inequalities and equalism that we should import here.    For those with further interest in a more income-equal society, go to the Equality Trust.

About Nick Child

Retired child and family shrink and family therapist living, working and playing in Edinburgh.

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