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forest1Religions provide a good example of how equalism can help. Being clearer about core shared values helps avoid common upsets, differences and sometimes extreme conflicts.

Equality “in God’s eyes”

It is commonly noted that the core beliefs of major world religions are based in very compatible values of humanity, goodness, love and equality “in God’s eyes”. Yet that many of the most terrible conflicts in the world arise from the peripheral and minor differences between religions. “We firmly believe what only we believe – the only prophet, the right scripture, specific theological beliefs.” And the subsequent hateful conflicts prove and self-perpetuate the hurt and harm and anger in vicious escalating circles.

Perhaps the main motivation for these hateful conflicts – that otherwise arise from peripheral differences – is fuelled by each side’s sense that the other side does not share the main core beliefs. Even though the core beliefs are the same, it seems that the other side does not know what we know to be the true god or religion. Actually both sides share the core beliefs but are at grave odds over the peripheral details.

Hope and moderation

If the peripheral and minor aspects of religions could give way to the shared core beliefs, then teaming up of the religions would replace hate and conflict.  OK peace between religions is plainly not usual. But the equalist rationale is valid, the potential for peace is clear … and hope springs eternal.

If passionate believers in other equalist movements could see that their supposed detractors do in fact share their core belief in equalism, then the rage, offence and conflict might moderate too.

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