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Equalism says it positively

Lots of strong words focus on unfairness. Equalism promotes the fairness everyone wants. Equalism makes that obvious. …………. Why we need a word for it There are lots of words … Continue reading

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Encyclopaedia Britannica (1945): Eat your heart out YouTube and Wiki

On this equalism blog, we tend to duck out of the big politics of equalism and inequality. It’s just too tricky for us. Plus we don’t fancy getting caught up in social media … Continue reading

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Free speech: the life-blood of equalism

On equalism.org.uk, we tie equalism closely in with ideas of liberty and free speech (e.g. JS Mills). There’s a major resource that greatly boosts our understanding of equalism and how we achieve it. Our puny effort here … Continue reading

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Gender and family conflict

The sprawling equalism blog-posts on Feminism, patriarchy and family conflict here and here, are rich and compendious. But they have always cried out for some sharpening up. So how about this blogpost … Continue reading

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Equalism: an animal rights perspective

Welcome to Neal Bedwell. He wondered why we had not listed Speciesism in our list of Social GRACES. They are equalisms that apply to only human animals. Here he sets out a case … Continue reading

24 September 2015

Don’t let creep and triggers stop us talking

Equalism is not an easy road. Equalism makes us work harder. To bridge our differences we have to keep thinking and talking even when we get annoyed and offended. It’s much easier … Continue reading

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To look at Race in an equalist way, we  don’t think we can do better than Trevor Phillips has in his Channel 4 programme: Things We Won’t Say About Race … Continue reading

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Other thinking on equalism compared

Equalism is not a new concept or word. Google equalism, or search Twitter for #equalism. Many others have proposed it and discussed it – even briefly on BBC4’s Woman’s Hour. … Continue reading

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The Social GRACES

This blog is organised with the help of the Social GRACES. This approach comes from the field of systemic family therapy. The word links to a way to remember the many areas … Continue reading

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Religions provide a good example of how equalism can help. Being clearer about core shared values helps avoid common upsets, differences and sometimes extreme conflicts. Equality “in God’s eyes” It … Continue reading

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More on equalism in general

Equalists support progress toward equality of opportunity in all the many areas of social inequality. These form the categories on this weblog. In their positive form, they come from the … Continue reading

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Feminism, patriarchy and family conflict

One of the main reasons for naming equalism – and creating this website too – is the need for a better neutral term for gender equality than the usual gendered … Continue reading

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More on feminism, patriarchy and family conflict

This longer article is for those who need or want more of the complicated jig-saw to be explained and evidenced. If you have come straight to this article, it would be … Continue reading

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